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Offering solutions to your dental fears plus state-of-the art care
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Dr Brylan and I  want you to feel comfortable and safe as you approach your dental care. We offer you a relationship of honesty, clear communication, patience, and first class dental care provided in a pain-free manner. You will have complete control of every session and can stop at eny time to take a break, ask a question, rinse out.  

Dr Bryan offers crowns in one appointment: with his cad-cam unit he can make a crown in the office. 

Because Dr Griffith  practices as a marriage and family therapist, he can help you with any anxieties or fears that you might being to the office. He has practiced as a dentist and psychotherapist for decades, and have a lot of experience in helping patients change their experience of dental treatment and become ok with dental care and can tailor your treatment to your emotional needs and attend to your unique  personality and dental situation.

You will be shown the strengths and weaknesses of your teeth and gums, and together we will develop a treatment approach appropriate for your teeth and your pocket book.  We can develop your dental care in a manner ranging from functional and pragmatic (only as-needed)  to middle of the road, to high-end procedures.  Some individuals really want the minimun done, and that is fine with me.  If that is you, you will also be informed of  possible future problems attendent with doing the minimum.  Others want to have work done which is cometically beautiful, first class and completely thorough, and that is also fine with me.

Dr Griffith  has developed an approach to treating very deep decay using silver diamine fluoride for over 5 years, and in so doing, avoid root canal treatment.  It is far, far cheaper and easier to use a coating of silver fluoride than to spend a few thousand on root canals and crowns.  But if you need a root canal, we can to that too.

If you are missing teeth, we can consider all the alternatives to replace them.  Dr Griffith has been placing implants for over 10 years, and have found them to be marvelous additions to what dentistry can offer.  They are beautiful, comfortable, and are fairly much like replacing the tooth as it was.  They do require good home care afterwards, and there are some limitations where they can by used, so read the section on implants.

We also concentrate on the prevention of cavities and gum diseases using a number of state-of-the-art approaches, which are often geared to avoid gum surgery. Prevention is far and away the best approach, because who wouldn’t like to avoid dental work if they can do it, and we wil work with you on developing a plan to address your home care management.

General Dentistry

Attentive, competant dental care with decades of experience.

Dental Implants

I place implants myself in our office, which gives you the advantage of having your implants placed in the precise location for optimal restoration.

High Cavity Risk

Treat, prevent cavities, and best yet, able to avoid root canals on many teeth with deep decay.

Pain-Free Dentistry in San Francisco

Offering solutions to your dental fears plus state-of-the art care
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Fear of approaching dentistry is a common issue, and certainly there is a big range of anxiety among the population. If you are in the group that is terrified of approaching dentistry, you can rest assured that you are welcome, that whatever particular “issues” you have we will attend to.  We can discuss your particular concerns, sort out the best way of solving them, and develop a way to help you feel safe.  I also want to find ways to help you relax physically, as   tensing up can itself both create fear and amplify any discomfort you might feel.

There are a number of things we can do to help you feel safe here, from medical means of reducting your anxiety, to relational ones where you experience being addressed with honesty, patience, and concern. You will have complete control over every appointment and can stop any treatment for any reason.

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of patients learn how to make progress on their dental fears.  I would rather help you learn how to address your fear and tension and resolve it, rather than using heavy drugs or IV meds, which only reinforce your sense of being powerless around your fear.  Most fearful patients come to a point of accepting that they need treatment, learning how to have it done without undue emotional distress.  A few have shared that their success in overcoming their dental phobia has blossemed into their lives outside the office, so that they have less anxiety or preoccuation with events they encounter.

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