Dental Implants

Dental Implants

About Implants

Implants are often the best option for replacing missing teeth, and are the most predictable long term solution in most cases. I place implants myself in our office, which gives you the advantage of having your implants placed in the precise location for optimal restoration. In many cases we use computed generated guides to pinpoint the exact location for your implants.   We can discuss the pro’s and con’s of all the replacement options available when you lose a tooth.

The implant option involves the placement of specially treated Titanium pins, which act to replace the roots of your teeth.  This is done local dental anesthetic, and for longer procedures we offer medication or nitrous oxide to help you contend with the stress.  Your bone needs to grow into the implants, a process that takes about 3-5 months, depending on the area.  Implants can be placed in any age adult, up into the 80’s.  After the implant has become attached,   we can fabricate crowns to fit over them or sophisticated attachments for dentures of various kinds. Sometimes we need to build up the site where your implants should be located by appropriate bone grafting techniques. After your implants have healed for a few months  they can have biting pressure applied to them.  In some situations the implants can be used  immediately. They can replace individual teeth , fill spaces for several missing teeth, and can even allow for your entire dentition to be attached.

Implants may be just be the thing you need, and they avoid having to shave down healthy adjacent teeth for a fixed bridge.

Implants can also be done for purposes of securing removable dental appliances( partial or full dentures), with a variety of retentive clips. Placing implants requires thorough planning, and the placement procedure itself is essentially pain free and surprisingly of short duration.

Implants are a viable option with wonderful benefits in many situations, such as ill-fitting dentures, missing front teeth, and so forth.

Cost of Implants

You should know that implants have significant cost.  Sometimes  are  covered by insurance, which is an important recognition by the insurance industry that implants in the long run are cheaper than bridges.

In other cases, your insurance may not allow for implants.   Because they have a much better long term prognosis, and avoid problems associated with fixed brides—recurrent decay, root canal treatment, tooth fracture, periodontal disease.

If a tooth is badly broken down, it is  much more predictable to place an implant than attempting heroic endodontic measures which are prone to failure over time

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