Fear of Dentistry

Understanding your unique personal issues about dental care


Fear of Dentistry

Understanding your unique personal issues about dental care


Fearful Patients Welcome

Fear of approaching dentistry is a common issue, and certainly there is a big range of anxiety among the population. If you are in the group that is terrified of approaching dentistry, you can rest assured that you are welcome, that whatever particular “issues” you have we will attend to.

There are a number of things we can do to help you feel safe here, from medical means of reducting your anxiety, to relational ones where you experience being addressed with honesty, patience, and concern. You will have complete control over every appointment and can stop any treatment for any reason.

You always have your foot on the brake, and we will establish understood communication to make that happen. Please go to my web page which is a survey on many aspects of receiving dental care: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FF9MM7D

The goal is to make this process a collaborative one,that we both want to succeed, and that your input is actively solicited. Over the years, I have developed effective ways of giving injections so that they don’t hurt, or just a tiny amount of discomfort.

I won’t proceed with working on your teeth if you are feeling pain or anxiety. I guarantee you that you will be thoroughly numb so that you don’t hurt at all. We have worked out a number of refinements in treatment to address your particular concerns, to maximize your trust and comfort, to enable you to relax and feel safe.

There are a number of approaches we can offer you to alter the delivery of dental treatment:

  • thorough explanation of what needs to be done (or not, if you prefer);
  • organizing the timing and sequence of appointment focus, perhaps doing something easy so you become accostomed to our office procedurees;
  • changing the handling of instruments so you don’t see them (or so that you do, depending);
  • clearly establish your full authority to pause treatment at any moment, for any reasom–take a break when you feel a need;
  • to answer all your questions and concerns;
  • to adjust light, chair posture, neck support, as you need.
  • We will give you complete control of your experience here.
  • We can also use NITROUS OXIDE if your wish;
  • preoperative oral sedation;
  • hypnosis.

SURVIVORS of Trauma and Abuse:

I am very familiar with treating patients who have suffered physical or sexual abuse, or contend with issues such as multiple personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression.The more you explain your unique concerns and fears, the better I can help you. For those of you who have suffered abuse,either physical, sexual, or emotional, I offer special attention to your needs by more thorough discussions, and initially by a free telephone consultation about dental care for you.

On occasion I have met patients at my downtown therapy office, for a visit or two, to initiate discussions in a very private, less costly venue.

I honor and respect whatever needs and history you bring to us. Knowing the painful legacy of abuse, and the deep-seeded effects of how survivors contend with their experience, I can offer you a space to feel accepted and patience to have that all emerge. In this arena, each person has a unique adaptation to their life and to current events, and I feel each individual’s approach has to be worked with and accepted.

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